Karen Hill Tribe people

What is the most beautiful thing in this world?

For me is “Nature”, there is plenty of beauty to be found in what nature has created.

Fluffy Cotton Ball

Even a works of art, various inventions on this planet, the inventors use the natural world as inspiration for design.

 What’s about ethnic life?

Learning the way of ethnic life helps us to discover our past, acknowledge that Humans are part of nature. We’ve learned to live with nature. We’ve learned to take the benefits from natural surroundings without the destruction of nature.

And we’ve learned to live with a mutual dependence.

Karen Hill Tribe People

But too fast technological and social development,

it probably made us forget, abandon and destroy the most beautiful thing on this planet.

It’s time for us to look back and take care of nature, the best friend of us.

Learning through the lives of the various ethnic groups living happily amid natural surroundings, it makes us discover our beautiful past that is a part of nature.

Karen hill tribe people are making cotton yarn for weaving their cloths

… Discover our beautiful past, Pass on the way of ethnic life, The way of living with nature …



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